Investing online, how I started out, a complete guide

Investing online

Whether you want to invest a small amount from your eBay sales or you want to invest a substantial amount, investing online has become an excellent choice to earn some extra cash with your unused funds. I used to work at an investment firm offering traditional investment products (institutional mutual funds, stocks, etc.) to our … Read more

Choosing the best Peer to Peer lending platform

Choosing the best Peer to Peer lending platform

The number of peer to peer lending platforms reached a staggering amount. They all have different advantages and disadvantages. Having a good idea of the most important aspects of this niche investment opportunity is very useful to choose the correct peer to peer lending platform for your needs. Here you can read about the considerations … Read more

Social Trading Essentials

Social Trading essentials for the investor

The term “social trading” refers to a form of trading that relies on crowd wisdom and user-generated content. A social trading website offers tools and information to their users. Thus, you can use this type of website to make trading and/or investment decisions. Some websites, for example, allow each user to view the portfolio of … Read more

Stock Market essentials

Stock Market essentials for the investor

What exactly is the stock market? A stock market sometimes referred to as an equity market, is an open marketplace where stocks—that is, shares of ownership—of publicly traded companies are bought and sold by investors. Small, privately owned companies who wish to rapidly raise capital may opt to list shares of their company on the stock … Read more

The Financial Derivatives to Look Out For

Financial Derivatives are financial contracts which derive their value from their underlying assets. A derivative doesn’t have an inherent value – its value follows the estimated market price of the asset it covers. Here are the most important derivatives today Option Contracts: This contract has an asymmetric distribution of rights and obligations. It involves two … Read more

E-Wallets – A basic Comparison

E-Wallets – A basic Comparison

An e-wallet is an online account that can store bank and credit card information. E-wallets have two main features: security and convenience. It protects sensitive information through encryption and other technologies. Then, it allows you to make payments or send money just by logging into your e-wallet account. Entering your bank or credit card data … Read more

Bitcoin Wallets comparison and guide

Bitcoin Wallets - A Quick Comparison

The rise of cryptocurrencies or digital currencies such as Bitcoin has significantly increased the speed and security of all personal and business transactions online.  No need to carry physical money around; all you need is a phone or a computer that has a Bitcoin wallet in order to make all kinds of digital purchases. The … Read more

Basic Facts about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Basics Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency being used to purchase merchandise, transfer money, and store value as a form of investment. Although its origin remains shrouded in mystery, this new payment system has been around since 2008 and has been traded actively since 2010. It is highly controversial due to it’s being unregulated and also used … Read more