SureTrader Brokerage Review

SureTrader Brokerage complete guide and review

Thinking about opening an account with SureTrader? Read my review where I share my thoughts and opinions so you know what you’re signing up for… SureTrader is quite different from the rest of the online brokerages. It is clearly aimed at US residents while being an offshore brokerage firm. They are under the umbrella of … Read more

Brokerage comparison, the best data-based comparison on the web!

Brokerage comparison, the best data-based comparison on the web!

In our first data based brokerage comparison, we choose five very different online brokerage firms. Many brokers are quite similar in their conditions, regulation and fee structure so we choose the ones which we deemed one of the best in their own category. Each table has a score describing how well a given brokerage does in that … Read more

Peer-to-peer lending platforms. A data-based comparison.

Peer-to-peer lending platforms

Before you read this article I strongly advise you to read which aspects of a peer-to-peer lending platforms are important!  I collected all relevant data regarding 10 peer-to-peer lending platforms and put them together in neat tables. You can make an informed decision without having to go through all the material and FAQ-s that these … Read more